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How do I flush my Tohatsu outboard?

It is recommended that you flush your engine when possible after use in salt-water. While the engine is salt-water rated any outboard can develop salt deposits that could lead to poor cooling over time. Below is the manufacturer's recommended flushing technique:

Caution: To avoid injury in the event of accidental starting, be sure to remove the prop and the stop switch lanyard cord from your outboard before proceeding.

Important: All Tohatsu outboards are water cooled; running your outboard without an adequate source of cooling water will result in severe damage to your outboard!

Smaller Horsepower Outboards (2, 3.5, 4, 5, & 6hp):

For smaller outboards, the simplest way to flush your outboard is by using a large bucket of water. Be sure the bucket is large enough to completely cover the water intake ports on the lower unit of the outboard. Also be sure that the bucket is wide enough so that no part of the motor will touch the sides/bottom of the bucket. Securely mount your outboard on a sawhorse or other sturdy device that will allow safe operation of your outboard.

8hp and up:

With 8hp-140hp outboards you can either use the optional "flushing plug" which can be attached to a hose for flushing the engine with fresh water or purchase a set of "ear muffs" (highly recommended, inexpensive, and available at virtually every marine dealer). This equipment attaches to your garden hose and clamps on to your outboard's lower unit, covering the water intake ports. Turn the garden hose on full before starting your engine. Make sure the "ear muff" motor flusher is firmly in place and correctly positions over water intakes on your lower unit. (Note: the "ear muff" motor flusher will not work on the Tohatsu 4, 5, or 6hp. With the 4, 5, or 6hp you will need to either use the flushing plug or use the "bucket technique" as described above).

Run your outboard at normal idle speed for 5-10 minutes to allow the engine to warm up and to ensure your outboard is thoroughly flushed with clean water. DO NOT rev up the engine as this is not necessary for flushing and could cause damage to the waterpump.

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